Christmas Toilet Appeal

NEWSFLASH!!! We have just launched our first online appeal.  This isn’t a glamorous appeal. But it is an urgent one.

Musoto Christian School (MCS) is the pride of the very poor community that we serve. Its success means that it has grown to nearly 1,000 pupils - four times its size 5 years ago. Uganda is a hot country and disease is rife. But they currently have only 5 working pit latrines, which means one toilet being shared by as many 200 children! Can you imagine your child coping with that? This is the problem we have to solve urgently. The phrase ‘not leaving it till the last minute’ suddenly takes on a more serious tone….

And how many times have you told your child to wash their hands before they sit down for dinner? What if there wasn’t the option to wash their hands after going to the toilet, let alone before they ate dinner? We don’t have adequate washing facilities close to the toilets and we owe it to the children to provide them.

MCS is a primary school, but due to the late start in their education we have many girls well into puberty who share washrooms with the boys whilst on their periods. They desperately need separate facilities to maintain their dignity.

So what can we do and how can you help? It’s simple. We need to build 3 solar powered handwashing units and 25 new pit latrines, with separate facilities for girls and boys. Please help us to fund the building of these vital sanitation and water facilities by clicking below and making a donation TODAY.

More than 95p of every pound donated goes directly to our projects.

· £1,000 will build 1 x pit latrine
· £550 will build 1 x handwashing unit

EVERY donation will make a difference. If 2,000 people donated just £10 each, almost all of the urgent facilities mentioned above could be built; lives would undoubtedly be saved and girls wouldn’t be disadvantaged in their education for simply menstruating. Please support this appeal and help give these children the basic facilities and dignity that you would want your own child to have.