Success in Funding Bid for Ambulance

We are delighted that we’re now able to deliver babies in our new maternity ward but mothers and babies are still dying during childbirth at home. There are lots of reasons for this including the poor state of rural tracks which often get flooded, inadequate facilities and lack of transport over even short distances.

Worldbank sources show that the mortality rate in Uganda as a whole is 338 in every 100,000 (in the UK it's 8.9). But in Bukasakya sub county where we work it's at least 500. Two mothers and 14 babies died in just one 6 month period through giving birth at home in our community.

We were fortunate enough to pitch succesfully to The Funding Network for a 'boda boda' ambulance (see picture). The Funding Network transforms lives through live crowdfunding, to create healthier, fairer and more sustainable communities.

Built around a motorcyle the boda-boda is a mini ambulance is designed to operate in the environment that we work in and we want to train some of our CHPs to run this as a 24/7 service to the local community. This would mean that expectant mothers could reach our clinic sooner and that mothers with complicated births could be transferred to the main hospital for safer delivery.

Thank you Funding Network for your generous pledges - this will make a real difference to the mothers and families of Bukasakya sub county. We'll keep you updated on our progress.