Health Centre Update

We commissioned the Health Centre in late November. Less than 2 months since its opening, it is not only providing immunisation services, but other basic services as well, thanks to the support of the District. The District health department have assigned a nurse, and a midwife to the centre. They have also supplied the centre with malaria drugs, antibiotics and vaccines.

A staggering 1,680 patients have been seen at the health centre to date:

- 500 children who have been immunised
- Antenatal care to 50 expectant mothers
- The remaining 1,130 have been given basic "emergency treatment" including malaria rapid diagnostic testing, basic malaria drugs (coartem) and antibiotics

8 of our Community Health Promoters who were trained to immunise have been working actively at the clinic.

What an amazing start - keep up this fantastic work!  A heartfelt thank you to all of you for helping Spotlight make this essential need a reality.