Dreams Come True

Last year in Uganda a total of 633,540 children registered for Primary Leaving Examinations(PLE).  However over 17,000 children dropped out of school - a figure which is un acceptably high.  Girls make up about 75% of the total population of children not given  chance to be at school in Musoto.  These girls are often victims of rape and sexual violence that accompanied armed conflict in Northern Uganda. 

However at Musoto Christian School 28 children registered for 2016 National Exams, 28 sat them and 28 passed them.  This makes Musoto Christian School the number one choice for parents of Bukaskya Sub‐county and results are improving year on year.  

Paul Maumo, the Head teacher, celebrated with the families as soon as the results were out "I have been feasting, many parents are buying me soft drinks, my whole day is full of celebration!'' said Paul.

‘I was called by the parent of Sharon at midnight.  This girl became the greatest celebration of the family.  Why?  Because she had been 'written off’ by her previous school’.

Congratulations to all our pupils on these fantastic results.