Hanging around for HSOA

As you may have heard through the grapevine, St. Nicolas Church is very kindly letting us a hold a sponsored abseil event at the church. It will be a repeat on last year's successful event but with the proceeds donated to HSoA.

The event will be held on the 1st October and will involve abseiling down the church's 90 foot tower. We are using a professional adventure sports company to provide all the equipment/insurance. All participants will need to bring are nerves of steel and sponsorship...

In terms of sponsorship, we can get up to 36 people up and down the tower on the day. So PLEASE think of people you know and ask them if they'd like to participate and raise money for HSoA. To cover costs and make the event worthwhile, we'd like those participating to commit to raising £150 of sponsorship each. Anyone interested should contact Roger Hallam at westhall5@btinternet.com

Thank you!

See more about last year's event here:


And see our flyer here.