Update on our Tree Planting Project

The Musoto Christian School had very little tree cover and the idea of planting fruit and wind-breaking trees was first suggested in May 2015.  So far 54 young trees have been planted by the community and all sorts of benefits have been seen:

·        The tree shade should reduce our classroom cooling bills by up to 90% and will provide the school with a welcoming and inviting atmosphere where parents and children can linger and relax in the cool shade;

·        The fruit trees provide fresh and nutritious food for the entire School;

·        The tree canopy and root system filters water for the school borehole and helps absorb carbon dioxide from the toxic breweries;

·        The trees help to create a calming atmosphere and allow children access to nature;

·        The whole project has seen great teamwork in action and has instilled a greater sense of pride in the community.

With your help we can move to the next stage of the project - to bring trees to the village of Musoto.