Cholera Situation in Mbale Still Worrying

Our man on the ground, Richard Okotel, reports that the authorities in Mbale are still concerned over the rising cases of cholera in the District.   Since the cholera epidemic broke out in  December  2015, cases have shot up from 56 to 110, while five people have died.
The lack of clean water in many areas has compounded the problem since many water sources are contaminated.   The fight against cholera is further complicated by some private clinics who admit suspected cholera patients rather than referring them to the isolation centres.   There are cultural obstacles too - many people still associate cholera with witchcraft.
However, with the support of other organisations including World Vision and USAID our Community Health Promoters have been working hard to educate and inform the local community.   Our CHPs have distributed water purifiers/disinfectants, they also disinfected cholera households, hosted a radio talk show, encouraged isolation of suspected cholera cases and followed up with patients who ran away from the treatment centres.   So far our CHPs have covered 75% of households in Bukasakya sub-county.   124 new pit latrines have been constructed but more are needed.
PACE (Programme for Accessible health, Communication and Education) is the Uganda affiliate of PSI (a US not for profit organisation supported by US and UK Aid) praised our CHPs saying  ‘We feel we should  collaborate with you, your people have done very commendable job on the ground, they have managed to contain cholera outbreak in the sub-county, by now I think Bukasakya would have been badly devastated by cholera'.
The next steps are to provide pick axes to dig more pit latrines and to provide better hand washing facilities.  HSoA target is to achieve 100% latrine coverage for Bukasakya Sub-county.  But we still need your help, Cholera is not yet over in Bukasakya, it takes 6 months for an area to be declared cholera free and the hard work continues.