Sharon's Story

Sharon, 16, is a pupil at Musoto Christian School.  She gave up her studies for some time because she fell pregnant but her dream is to attend secondary school and someday university.  She wants to become a medical worker, because she saw how difficult it was to access maternal health care.

Sharon says ‘I was encouraged by the Spotlight staff that kept sending Musoto teachers to me urging me to go and sit for my Primary leaver’s Exams.  For sure this was very necessary for me because without this certificate I would be like any of the people in my village that had never gone to school.  I encouraged myself and revised my friends notes. I know I will pass.’

‘The experience of going back to school has helped me learn a lot about the importance of education, a lesson I wants to pass onto my child.  I will every single day of his life, I advise him to stay in school because without education, you are voiceless in society.  He should never make the same mistake I made.’

Sharon has found it difficult to get support for herself and for her baby, now 3 months old.  She has virtually nothing to use for nappies or bedclothes.  Her mother takes care of her baby while she is sitting exams.  The baby’s father lives 50km away and is also a minor.  She knows that he will not be able to support her and that she will raise her child alone.  Sharon plans to sell vegetables in the village in order to take care of her baby as she awaits her exam results.

Educated communities have greater chances of escaping poverty, leading healthier and more productive lives, and raising the standard of living for their children, families, and communities. 
On this occasion 28 children sat their primary seven exams:  13 girls and 15 boys.

Thank you for continuing to support them.