Goodbye Robin, none of this would have happened without you

Farewell and Thank You Robin.

HSoA is deeply saddened by the death of Robin Nisbet on 16 January 2015. Robin was our vice Patron, one of the founding Trustees of HSoA, and our first Treasurer.HSoA would not be where it is today but for Robin’s dogged determination and dedication. In the early years, he was the engine that drove the charity. He took it upon himself to see first-hand the crying need in Musoto, and ventured out on his own to Uganda in June 2007. He established various contacts when out there and forged new relationships which still remain today.
Robin played a major part in bringing on board many of the talented and valuable members of the HSoA team including Andrew Mayo (our Chairman) and Hefin Rees (our Patron and previous Chairman), Paul Voltzenlogel (the previous treasurer who took over from Robin), and several members of the Harpenden Community Committee, Wendy Howson, Hilary Hollick, Rory Scales, Steven Baguma, Pam Brown and Suzanne Webb.
When Robin first went out to Uganda in 2007, HSoA’s sole activity was educating some 100 students in a forgotten slum in Eastern Uganda.
Today HSoA has educated over 1,000 students, built 2 primary schools each with a nursery section, provided 18 boreholes and water-points, trained 250 health workers, gifted 50 goats which have reproduced over 150 kids, set up a fish farm, established a motor cycle taxi service, and joined forces with Rothamsted Research to improve crop yield for farmers.
We salute you Robin and say an unreserved and heartfelt thank you.
Your legacy has transformed, and will continue to transform the lives of many.

Yours was a life well lived.
The world is a better place because of you.
We will miss you.