Rees Family Visit to Uganda

Here are some lovely photos of the Rees family in Uganda with gifts for the school.

Deo Okello, Head of Sports, was thrilled to receive the sports bibs and the girls were delighted to receive leggings for sports.

Christine Alum our health project manager with Dr Bethan Rees at the clinic site.

Festo, the parents rep on the School Management Committee, with Josh and Tom Rees (note - no more smoke in the kitchen!)

Spotlight Ball 2017

Thank you to the 188 people who attended, got involved in all the fun and gave so generously at the Spotlight Ball on 30 June. What a party we had!  With Gift Aid, we raised an astonishing £30k! Our best ever fund raising event.

We are greatly indebted to the enthusiastic & amazing organising team -  Gill Tallon, Alison Bigsby, Catherine & Ian Pittaway, Jackie & Nigel Woodhead and Jane Beedle - for putting on such a sassy and slick evening! 

Harpenden Highland Gathering

A big thank you to all those who visited our stall at the Highland Gathering.  We raised £257 and also collected a few new email addresses from people interested in learning more about our work.
It was great to be at such a popular family event and lovely to have children come up to us saying how our School Liaison Officer Hilary Hollick had visited their schools to talk about what we do for the communities in Musoto. One little girl even told us she is now making cakes and selling them to her neighbours, inspired by Hilary’s recent visit to Wood End School!